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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I have a Tumblr account

Salam readers!!
I really miss to write in this blog.
Update everyday like others blogger do.

There are some reasons that I can't update the entry regularly.
I have to focus & take serious on my research from now onward.


as an inspiration to focus on my study,
I have started tumblr-ing.

Why Tumblr-ing give me inspiration?
Lets check it out
My Tumblr-----> just click this link!

p/s: Im usually update my Tumblr using phone. So,life will become easier and u can also re-blog from others too. (this will prevent a copycat writer)


belogkiter said...

yupp.. tumblr ... really addictive. me too

~hllaqollol~ said...

wadah terbaru untuk mengkreatifkan minda dan tenaga